Halo Infinite To Feature RPG Elements And Choices


According to a new report from Thurrott’s Brad Sams, Halo Infinite is set to feature RPG elements and choices.

Those choices would be so relevant in the economics of the game that would allow players to bring the story into different branches.

“With a brand new game engine, the team behind the game is trying to make the story adapt to decisions the user makes,” says Sams, referring to the SlipSpace engine.

On top of that, according to this intel, “the game may have more RPG (role-playing game) elements than prior versions of the series.”

Thurrott also claims that Infinite is set to be a launch title for Xbox Scarlett, while also releasing for the Xbox One console family and Windows 10 PC.

This would mean that the title from 343 Industries could be releasing as early as next year, around twelve months after Gears 5.

Not a huge surprise, but a confirm that Microsoft is going all in at the next E3 and most importantly is relying on Halo and its biggest names to properly launch Xbox Scarlett.