Halo Infinite Rumored To Have A $500 Million+ Development Budget


According to a new rumor, Halo Infinite could be building upon the biggest budget for a video game currently in the making.

Game producer Ralf Adam, who’s not involved with Halo nor 343 Industries, has heard some interesting figures at the GDC 2019 and reported about it in a podcast by German outlet Xbox Dynasty.

“I heard the game with the by far most expensive budget that’s in development right now is Halo. It has a development budget that’s a multiple of Red Dead Redemption 2,” he said.

“That’s a huge amount… We are talking about rumors so I don’t want to mention specific numbers, but you could calculate it. It’s insane.”

While he didn’t want to spill the beans fully, Adam answered with a “more” at the question “what numbers are we talking about. 500 million? 200 million?”

He then precised that this is just for the development, not marketing or other expenses connected to the promotion of the game, and that’s why the numbers are impressive.

Should this be confirmed, we might be seeing stuff like this happen because of the work on the new engine SlipSpace, which is going to serve all the future games in the franchise for a while.

Also, this is the first time the series is releasing simultaneously on both PC and console, and perhaps Microsoft wants to be sure 343i makes it right.