Halo Reach PC Beta Coming Next Week


After several delays, the Halo Reach PC beta is finally coming next week, as revealed in a new blog post over at Halo Waypoint. Reach is the first game of the Halo: The Master Chief Collection to be released on PC at some point later this year.

“If everything goes according to plan, our first flight for Halo: Reach on MCC PC will be next week to a small subsection of registered Halo Insiders. We’re starting more modestly because we’ve got quite a few levers to pull and we want to ensure our delivery pipeline runs smoothly, our communications are clear, and that participants can properly provide their feedback on the build,” we can read in the blog post, which points out the beta will be minimal.

“Since there are so many pieces and levers that need testing, verification, and appropriate approvals, we need to take our time to ensure we’re sending out a quality flight to our Halo Insiders. The team has a build which appears to be a strong candidate, but it’s still in the middle of going through the test process:”

Good enough, players that are not being selected for the beta will be provided with more information so that they can stay in the loop and learn when the next opportunity to give the game the first try will be offered.

As for the release of the full game, remember that each title will be launched individually at USD 9,99, with the sole exception of ODST, which is releasing at $4,99. Dates have not been provided yet, but initially, the plan was for them to ship all within the year.