Halo: Reach PC Audio and Frame Rate Issues “Will Take Some Time” To Fix


PC Players are reporting several technical issues on Halo: Reach, hours after the official release on Steam and Microsoft Store. In particular, many threads have been popping up on forums like ResetEra, Reddit, and Steam, where it is mentioned that the game currently has severe audio quality issues.

Early adopters are reporting on gunshots sounding distant and overall on general mix issues between dialogue, ambient, SFX, that were nowhere to be seen in the original release on Xbox 360 as you can read in this Steam Community thread.

In a recent Halo Waypoint blog post, 343 Industries made it clear that the team is aware of the audio problems, but fixing them will take some time.

“To update Halo: Reach for Xbox One and PC required entirely changing the encoding for the game’s audio, which has resulted in it sounding different from the original release,” the team said. “We are aware that areas of the title don’t sound like what you or we ideally want them to.”

“It will take some time to work through solutions to improve the overall experience for audio, and that work is already underway,” the blog post added. “When it is ready, we will fly to test the fixes we can make before updating the title. We also plan to go into more detail on our Reach audio journey in a later blog.”

It looks like the Halo: Reach PC release couldn’t be delayed any further, or that the developer felt the issues it discovered before launch weren’t dramatic enough to require it to ask Microsoft some additional time to fix them.

The audio issue isn’t the only one found by players in these early hours of launch, as frame rate stutters and lag have also been reported. The development team knew about them, too, and those were the reason why it decided that it would not have unlocked frame rates support at first.

Unlike the audio issue, though, this seems to be ‘minor,’ as fewer players discussing on social media and forums have seemingly met it, and even when it occurs, many of them don’t feel like it’s something disrupting to their gameplay experience.

Despite the issues, indeed, Halo: Reach‘s PC release has boosted Halo: The Master Chief Collection userbase on Steam, bringing it up to the fourth spot in the most played games chart in just a few hours.