Handsome Jack Was the Original Borderlands 3 Villain

Handsome Jack Was the Original Borderlands 3 Villain

Borderlands 3 was about to witness Handsome Jack’s return as the main antagonist, according to the details revealed by Gearbox Software’s Creative Director and Managing Producer for Narrative Randy Varnell.

In an interview with Hayder Hype, Varnell has shared that the studio was convinced with penning a story where Handsome Jack would not only return from Borderlands 2 but would also serve as the core villain in the third game.

However, the team reconsidered the idea as they watched a video from a fan about things they didn’t want to happen in Borderlands 3, and Handsome Jack’s return was among those. Gearbox responded to the feedback from fans; the Calypso Twins were created to serve as the villains in the title.

However, Gearbox has shown its attachment to the Handsome Jack. The development team included him in the game in some fashion and by focused the first story DLC on his legacy. Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot DLC was released on Dec. 19, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

In the DLC, the femme fatale Moxxi enlists you as part of a crew to rob Handsome Jack’s space station casino. She’s not too pleased with him stealing her property, so she’s called on you to take his Eridium, cash, and Legendary loot, thus cleaning him out.