Natsume reveals new details about Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition


The Harvest Moon series continues with the latest entry, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope. Developer Natsume has revealed some additional information about the upcoming release, including a special edition with lots of goodies for fans to lap up.

The Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition will feature several additions to gameplay, namely Soleil, a Gem Sprite. You can teach Soleil the ways of the outside world, away from the dark caverns she’s found herself in for most of her life. You can also use Soleil as a co-op partner for a friend to take control of, and her Gem Sprite magic will be up for grabs. If you play your cards right, you can even marry Soleil as you make your way through the game. That should make things even sweeter than simple cooperative play.

If you decide to make your purchase at GameStop, you’ll get a “chocolate” cow plushie, in keeping with the same tradition as Harvest Moon games in the past. This cow gives chocolate milk, or at least it would if it were real. Probably. 

You can also opt for the Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Collector’s Edition, which comes with a Season Pass, hot drink mug, tote bag, pin badges, barn-shaped presentation case, and other fun additions for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. None of them are as good as the chocolate cow plush, but they’re still fun additions to the game.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Special Edition is currently set for a May launch, so you’ll have plenty of time to get your farming implements ready before getting back to work.