Hazelight’s Next Game Won’t Be A Way Out 2, “Very Different”


Josef Fares has made a name in the industry thanks to the rant against the Oscars at The Game Awards 2017, but he’s most of all a great video games creator that has worked on couple exciting titles such as Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and most recently A Way Out.

With his new studio Fazelight, it has been announced that Fares is already working on his next game, at E3 2019, and while he’s not providing many details about what it will be like, he’s ready to speak about it as shared at Barcelona’s GameLab.

“What I can say about the next game is that it’s not A Way Out 2,” he said. “It’s something totally different, but you will definitely see that it’s a Hazelight game. So I’m super excited, it’s gonna be… f***, it’s gonna be good.”

“That’s one of the things we keep pushing, interactivity. How could we do this? How can we do this part of the story? And blah blah blah and stuff like that […] it’s gonna be very different from A Way Out, very different.”

So, it looks like Fares and his team have taken all the feedback from A Way Out‘s release, both positive and negative, and are trying to push the boundaries for what matters interactivity. The next game will still have lots of narratives you can deal with but will go a bit further when it comes to gaming itself.

Are you glad with this reaction after that game?