Hearthstone’s new single-player mode will have over 100 puzzles to solve


With all the new Boomsday Project cards now available in game, the second component of Hearthstone‘s latest expansion arrives next week.

The Puzzle Labs is the single-player content coming to accompany the new set, in the vein of previous PvE missions like Monster Hunt and Dungeon Run. The fact that it’s being added with an expansion is where the similarities end, however. 

The Puzzle Labs isn’t a serious of mission against bosses pushing towards a final confrontation. Instead, you serve as Dr Boom’s apprentice helping to solve a series of problems. The puzzles come in four categories: mirror, lethal, board clear, and survival. 

That part isn’t new information, but until a new video today we didn’t know just how many puzzles are in the mode. There’s over 100 to complete.

It’s not quite clear how all these puzzles manifest, however. They are grouped into apparently eight or nine puzzles per category, before the final tests against Dr Boom. Maybe they aren’t in a set order, and are given to players randomly? We won’t know for sure until the Labs are open.

There isn’t long to wait for that. The new single-player content will become available on Aug. 21, next Tuesday. 

Completing the final tests against Dr Boom should be the goal. Do that successfully, and you’ll receive an exclusive card back. Then you can show off on ladder that you’re a true Hearthstone expert—at least in the field of bizarre one-turn puzzles.