Hearts of Iron 4 DLC Brings Back American Confederacy Faction


The next Hearts of Iron 4 DLC Man the Guns lets you bring back the Confederate States of America, America’s South during the Civil War, to do battle in World War 2, revealed by developers Paradox.

While the Man the Guns DLC namely focuses on improving the naval combat in the real-time strategy World War 2 game, the Confederate revival remains a hot take. The choice to bring back this part of the United States history likely leans on the fact many players have mods on Steam to include them, despite the faction dissolving after the Civil War took place.

However, despite Hearts of Iron 4 recreating the struggle of World War 2, the game does not faithfully recreate the timeline. Instead, each match played takes certain turns and twists, never telling the exact history of what happened. Polygon reached out to the game’s director Dan Lind to find out why the Paradox team thought this was a good idea. You can read Lind’s statement to Polygon here.

The choice to bring by the Confederates was not the only standout change from the mainly naval DLC. When you play as the British Empire, you work towards the option of decolonizing this faction.

Beyond these two choices, what else can you expect from the DLC title? You’ll have the opportunity to modify your admiral’s traits and skills, welcome a government back from exile, explore new national focuses for The Netherlands and Mexico, craft naval treaties, and much more.

You can play Man the Guns DLC on Feb. 28 for $19.99.