Hellblade Dev, Obsidian, inXile Working On “Secret Things,” Announcement “Next Year”


Xbox Game Studios has grown a lot and gotten better over the last year. We’re going to see the first results of this progress in a few months hinted at by Xbox’s marketing manager Aaron Greenberg during a recent interview.

Greenberg had an interview with Official Xbox Magazine (via WCCFTech) and had the opportunity to talk about some “secret things,” the newly acquired developers have been working on for a while. The interview focused on Ninja Theory, Obsidian Entertainment, and inXile Entertainment, in particular.

Some have found it a bit disappointing to see the first game revealed by Ninja Theory after the acquisition was a multiplayer title. Many expect it to be something similar to their previous project, Hellblade. However, the studio is working on something like it in the future.

“Tameem Antoniades, who worked on Hellblade, his team is off working on something else, and we haven’t talked about that yet,” said Greenberg. “At Obsidian, there’s the team working on The Outer Worlds, a team that’s working on Pillars, and a team working on another secret thing. And inXile: there’s the Wasteland 3 team, and there’s a team working on another thing.”

As for when the reveals of these new games will happen, Greenberg added, “I think we have a lot to surprise fans with and a lot to share over the next year. You can expect more new games. You can expect sequels. You can expect a new IP. You can expect things you’ve never thought of.”

With X019 slated for November, there’s a chance we hear something about it then. Although fans are expecting Fable to happen there since Playground Games is from the UK and the event is happening in London.