Here’s everything that was announced from the Devolver Digital press conference | E3 2019


Devolver Digital always shows off their latest collection of cool and stylish indie titles through a very strange conference that breaks up the typical style of E3 shows. This year was a little different, but only in how they presented everything. Not only did they keep within their past show’s continuities, but they also managed to rip off Nintendo, old arcade machines, and themselves – all in just over 20 minutes.

Devolver Digital E3 2019 Press Conference – All Announcements

After reconfiguring their dead CEO into a robotic shell, the team from last year’s conference decided to host the first ever Devolver Direct from inside the mind of their hooked up boss.

Fall Guys

A quirky little game with catchy music that seems to focus around hundreds of the titular Fall Guys falling or trying to survive through different areas. There is a counter that shows how many of the small creatures are left, but the twist is, a player controls every Fall Guy.

This multiplayer title will spin the Battle Royale genre into a survival game where each player has to avoid obstacles, hazards, and other players as they try to reach the crown at the other end of the map. This crown can be at the bottom, top, or anywhere else on the map, so players will have to navigate everything they are up against to the best of their abilities.

Fall Guys

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC sometime in 2020.

Devolver Bootleg

As mentioned earlier, not only did Devolver rip off Nintendo’s direct to video presentations, but they also managed to turn somehow ripping themselves off into an actual game.

Devolver Bootleg is a collection of small titles based directly on some of Devolver’s most popular games, and it does exactly what the game’s title implies. Each game is a parody of its namesakes such as Hotline Milwaukee and Ape Out Jr. and many more.

Devolver Bootleg

This 8-in-1 collection of parody titles is out now on Steam, and it is just as glorious as you think it is.


The next title is probably the most interesting of anything that has been shown from Devolver in recent memory, as Carrion puts players in the role of the monster escaping from a lab.

Instead of running away or trying to fight the horrifying creature that a lab has created, players now control that monster and are the ones scaring and devouring the lab’s workers. Carrion is a reverse horror experience with sickening sound effects and atmospheric music straight out of a horror movie that looks like it will be disgustingly fun to play.

Spraying blood, human bits, and terror everywhere you go, this experience looks like something truly unique that players can enjoy on consoles and PC in 2020.

Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead

Arcade cabinets in 2019? Apparently, they aren’t as dead as some people would believe as Devolver is partnering with Griffin Aerotech to bring a new Enter the Gungeon experience to arcades and homes.

This light gun arcade title will take enemies, looks, and themes from the popular indie title and let players experience them as if it was something that came out in local arcades during the 90s. Two-players will blast their way through rooms of enemies using classic abilities and weapons from the game it is based on.

Enter the Gungeon: House of the Gundead will release in 2020, and cabinets will allegedly be up for purchase if big Gungeon fans really want to get one for themselves.

The Messenger and a Banana

To round out the conference proper, Devolver showed the DLC content for their classic-style platformer The Messenger and a quick look at My Friend Pedro, both of which are coming out very soon.

The video went off the rails at this point, but the games still look awesome, with new bosses, levels, music, and more coming in The Messenger’s Picnic Panic DLC. It is a free expansion that will be coming to all platforms the game is available for on July 11.

Likewise, My Friend is Pedro gave everyone one last look at the weird, physics-based, sidescrolling shooter that features not only a talking banana that somehow ties into the story of the game but also an obscene amount of bullets and violence. Players can take out enemies in any way they can imagine as long as their flipping, awkward character can react fast enough to pull it off.


My Friend Pedro will launch for both Switch and PC on June 20.

Until next year, or whenever the next crazy and overly violent Devolver Direct is released – stay weird Devolver.