Bayonetta 3 on PS4? Ask Nintendo, Says Hideki Kamiya


Initially, when Bayonetta’s first installment was launched back in 2009 it was on all the platforms including Nintendo consoles. And as from the launch of the second installment, i.e. Bayonetta 2 the game became an exclusive property of Nintendo as the game was launched only for Nintendo consoles. And that definitely saddened a lot of gamers as the game became a Nintendo exclusive. And the game trend continues for the upcoming Bayonetta 3 which will be an exclusive for the Switch.

Bayonetta Coming To PS4? Ask Nintendo

However, some fans still hope for the game to be released platforms other than the Switch, as many fans took up on twitter to request for a PS4 version, where the game designer Hideki Kamiya responded directly to the tweets saying, “IF NINTY SAY YES, IT’S YES. SO ASK NINTY. ALSO, ASK ABOUT MARIO AND ZELDA FOR PS4. GET LOST. RT @Danvertuan: no more Bayonetta on ps4?”

And from his tweet, it’s clear that Bayonetta is now an IP of Nintendo. And the third installment is currently in development while the first two games will be re-released for the Switch on February 16th.