Death Stranding Dev Talks 5G And Streaming, “Games And Movies On The Same Track”

Hideo Kojima is not only the maker of the Metal Gear saga and the incoming Death Stranding but is also a great fan of movies as you might’ve heard.

In a recent interview with Nikkei, he discussed the relationship between video games and movies and added to the lot the streaming and 5G technologies that could be further blurring the lines between the two media.

“As streaming advances further, video content such as games and movies and documentaries will be on the same track. This is the future I want most,” Kojima told the Japanese outlet.

Interestingly, he claims that “the boundaries will disappear” between interactive movies and non-interactive movies, and “with Netflix, etc., you will be able to select movies and games on the same screen.”

As for the cloud gaming itself, Kojima says that the development of the technology has been quite long and challenging, and this is why he’s heard a “voice of failure.” But failure is not an option this time around since technology is now in place to help allow this new kind of experience on the go, something that wasn’t in the past.

“Realization is difficult in 4G, but I think that the entertainment itself will change by the end of 5 years when 5G has started. A more free world will come than ever,” he says.

As a gamer, it’ll be interesting to see how these developments will impact the games themselves if this is ever going to happen.

The first step in that direction has been moved by Nintendo Switch, a home console that you can carry anywhere you want, and streaming on Google Stadia, xCloud and PlayStation Now promises to extend that concept further.