Hideo Kojima Plans To Make Movies In The Future

Hideo Kojima, noted developer of the Metal Gear and upcoming Death Stranding games, has expressed his desire to make movies. In a documentary for BBC Newsbeat, the industry legend said that he plans to make movies through Kojima Productions in the future.

Kojima’s interest in movies won’t be a surprise to anyone, as the developer has often talked about his initial desire to make movies at the start of his career, and how cinema has influenced his work. Kojima games are usually stuffed with lengthy cutscenes and a considerable amount of dialogue and story, often being presented in a challenging manner.

Kojima envisions a blurring of the lines between games, movies, and TV as streaming services become more and more common. It would seem he plans to turn Kojima Productions into a one-stop-shop for streaming services to find content in the future. He did not go into any details about when this might occur, but he did make his intentions clear.

It would be exciting to see what Kojima would do in the world of movies and if he would move into live-action, or stick with computer-generated graphics. There is also a world of potential collaborations waiting for him, as friend and fellow cinema lover Guillermo del Toro has already worked with him on projects such as Death Stranding. I would be very interested to see Kojima do something with Neill Blompkamp, but that is just my fan-boy dream.