Hideo Kojima Discusses Life as Indie Dev, “Return to 30 Years Ago,” in New Interview

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Yes, Hideo Kojima is technically an indie developer now. After his well-publicized falling out with Konami, Kojima has to more or less start from scratch to re-establish Kojima Productions as an independent studio and get back to making games.

It may seem weird to label one of the most famous and revered developers in the industry as an indie developer, as the term is mostly saved for small teams without an established name, but in creating an independent studio, Kojima became an indie developer. Though we are sure his resources and capabilities were vastly different from what you would see at a typical indie studio.

In an interview posted by the official Playstation YouTube channel, Kojima talks about his experience after leaving Konami, how it led him to forming Kojima Productions, and ultimately, into making Death Stranding. He was able to get back to making games with his connections, and he also touches on his love of films and their influences on him as a creator. As one of the most enigmatic minds behind some of the most impactful games, a glimpse into his story and inspirations is quite a fascinating look.

Kojima is a legendary name in the industry and has always been known as someone who loves to push the boundaries of game development and narrative. While Death Stranding has certainly been polarizing since its release, it’s obvious that, while Kojima was temporarily slowed down by his fallout with Konami, he is back in the spotlight and will continue to strive for innovation and greatness.

Death Straning is available now on PS4, with a PC release due in Summer 2020. An update focusing on quality-of-life improvements for the game is set to drop this month.