Hideo Kojima “Very Interested” In Making A Cloud Gaming Title

A few hours ago, we reported about Hideo Kojima willing to make a movie sooner or later with his studio, something that fans and haters have been claiming about for a while, especially looking at the way he crafts his games.

We do not know when this is going to happen, but sure enough, Kojima is striving to do a lot of things after he releases Death Stranding; he has lots of ideas, but we don’t know what, when and if it is going to happen right after the launch on November 8.

One more idea is that he could build a game right for cloud gaming, such as Google Stadia, PlayStation Now, Project xCloud, and so on. The Japanese game designer and the game director is said to be “very interested” in the technology.

“I’m very interested in the new format of the game that will appear on [streaming],” said Kojima in an interview he just released to the BBC, of course talking about Death Stranding and what’s going on after that (via GamesBeat). “And that’s what I want to take on.”

First of all, Kojima will have to drop Death Stranding on PC after the PlayStation 4, and then he’ll be free to do whatever he likes (and he gets funds for). We don’t know whether it’ll be a PS4 exclusive or jump to other platforms right away, like Xbox, but sure enough, it’ll be something bold.