Hironobu Sakaguchi is going to be streaming Final Fantasy VI


Video game streamers are a dime a dozen, but how often do you see legendary creators of popular franchises streaming games that they helped to create?

That’s exactly what’s about to happen soon with Hironobu Sakaguchi, who’s known throughout the video game industry as the “father” of Final Fantasy. He’s long since departed the series to work on other projects, but he still has it in his heart to come back from time to time and show love for the venerable role-playing series. 

Sakaguchi is going to be livestreaming multiple sessions of him playing a Final Fantasy game, according to Japanese publication Famitsu. Specifically, he’ll be engaged with Final Fantasy VI, or the North American Final Fantasy III. There will be four parts of the stream, with the first one premiering today on YouTube and Japanese streaming platform NicoNico. Sakaguchi will be joined on the show by Final Fantasy VI artist Kazuko Shibuya as well. 

Sakaguchi and friends will wax nostalgic during the stream, and it should be a pretty fun treat for Final Fantasy fans. Previously, Sakaguchi was the director on the first five Final Fantasy entries, and then became the producer for Final Fantasy VI all the way through Final Fantasy IX.

Though Sakaguchi has been away from the series for some time, it’s great to see him coming back to where it all began, even if it’s just for a brief few moments.