Hitman 2 Getting Spooky New Halloween Content

Agent 47 doesn’t need to have a costume to bump in the night, as far as his targets are concerned. That said, IO Interactive and Warner Bros. are giving it a shot anyway, with some spooky Halloween content set to drop for Hitman 2.

This free update is set to debut in the game tomorrow and offers a nice twist on the usual Hitman contracts. This Escalation Contract has a few nice touches to get everyone in a scary mood — though Agent 47 isn’t likely to flinch. (That’s not his style.)

The event will be placed in Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, giving the Hitman a new place to hunt targets. That said, the decor will be Halloween based, with a lot of skeletons and deep colors to go around. You can even put a pumpkin head on Agent 47 himself, in case you want to look silly while you choke someone to death.

Those who have the Hitman 2 Starter Pack will be able to download the content with no problem. And for those that go through a complete the contract, there will be some sweet rewards waiting — a Tactical Wetsuit and a Bat Shuriken. Yep, someone wants to be like Batman. Hey, it is Halloween.

Hitman 2’s Halloween event trailer is below, giving you a rough idea of how the experience will go when the update drops in just a few short hours. Turn out the lights, load up on weapons, and become a boogeyman (or woman) in your own right!

The game is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

HITMAN 2 – Halloween Trailer (Free Update)

Halloween comes to HITMAN 2 with a themed Escalation Contract that promises to challenge all of your expectations. This permanent addition to the game will also reward players who are brave enough to complete it with two unique unlocks. Play this new mission in HITMAN 2 starting on October 22nd.