Hitman 2 Getting Spooky New Halloween Content


Agent 47 doesn’t need to have a costume to bump in the night, as far as his targets are concerned. That said, IO Interactive and Warner Bros. are giving it a shot anyway, with some spooky Halloween content set to drop for Hitman 2.

This free update is set to debut in the game tomorrow and offers a nice twist on the usual Hitman contracts. This Escalation Contract has a few nice touches to get everyone in a scary mood — though Agent 47 isn’t likely to flinch. (That’s not his style.)

The event will be placed in Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand, giving the Hitman a new place to hunt targets. That said, the decor will be Halloween based, with a lot of skeletons and deep colors to go around. You can even put a pumpkin head on Agent 47 himself, in case you want to look silly while you choke someone to death.

Those who have the Hitman 2 Starter Pack will be able to download the content with no problem. And for those that go through a complete the contract, there will be some sweet rewards waiting — a Tactical Wetsuit and a Bat Shuriken. Yep, someone wants to be like Batman. Hey, it is Halloween.

Hitman 2’s Halloween event trailer is below, giving you a rough idea of how the experience will go when the update drops in just a few short hours. Turn out the lights, load up on weapons, and become a boogeyman (or woman) in your own right!

The game is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.