Hitman 2’s Tropical Haven Island Content Details Revealed


Every good run has to come to an end, but IO Interactive has a neat little finish for Hitman 2, sending him to paradise for a…” killer” holiday.

As part of the roadmap that the developer revealed earlier this month, it revealed the final piece of the DLC puzzle, Haven Island. Set to release on September 24, it’ll send Agent 47 to a tropical island, where he’ll have to pick off three different targets.

That’s just the beginning of what players can do on this not-so-fantasy island. Along with the three main targets, players will also be able to challenge friends in Contracts Mode, to see who can complete missions in the fastest time.

On top of that, the island comes packed with over 75 new challenges to take on. By going through these, players can earn XP. New locations, agency pickups, and additional items also become available.

Mastery unlocks are also on hand, with four unique items up for grabs, along with a new outfit for Agent 47. Finally, players can earn seven new Trophies and Achievements, depending on which version they’re playing.

IO Interactive called the island the “headquarters of the world’s premier reputation management service.” That means all kinds of trouble, and if anyone can take out the trash, it’s Agent 47.

Side note: those that complete the three main missions within the game will unlock a new weapon for their trouble. What it is, the team didn’t explain. But it should be worth the trouble.

In short,

  • New Location: Haven Island, Maldives – Your new hub for all Haven Island content.
  • New Campaign Mission: The Last Resort – Explore Haven Island, eliminate three targets and find your exit. Mission complete.
  • Full support for Contracts Mode – Create your own contracts by choosing your targets and how to eliminate them – then compete with your friends!
  • 75+ new Challenges – Complete Haven Island challenges to earn XP, plus complete all three Mission Story challenges to unlock a new weapon.
  • 20 Levels of Location Mastery – Unlock starting locations, agency pickups and new items when you complete challenges and earn XP.
  • 5 new Location Mastery unlocks – Get your hands on four new and unique items as well as a stylish new suit that you can use in any location.
  • 7 new Trophies / Achievements to earn – Boost your Gamerscore, collect trophies or unlock achievements.

The DLC is available for purchase separately, as well as part of the Expansion Pass. It drops next week, so get those killer skills in order!

Hitman 2 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.