New Siberia Map for Hitman 2’s Sniper Assassin Mode

Assassins need to be prepared to handle any situation, and that includes the type of environment they’re thrown into so they can take out a target. Tomorrow, Agent 47 is going to find himself in the cold of Siberia to take out an array of new targets for the Hitman 2’s Sniper Assassin mode.

For those unfamiliar of Hitman 2’s Sniper Assassin mode, it’s a game type where players are limited to a sniper’s nest position overlooking the entire map. Players have to creatively use their sniper rifle to take out a variety of targets on the map, manipulate elements, and conjure up unique ways to remove NPCs from their patrol without alerting the entire map to their presence. It’s a different perspective on the Hitman franchise that follows the same formula.

In the Siberia map, players are going to need to eliminate two different targets. The map takes place in a remote prison, meaning there are hundreds of prisoners Agent 47 can take advantage of to cause a well-timed distraction and eliminate the pair. One of the targets is named Roman Khabko, an inmate of the prisoner and a Russian mobster. The other is the prison’s warden, Vitaly Reznikov.

Additionally, there are elite mercenary forces Agent 47 needs to take out, too. These guards are protecting Reznikov, so players are likely going to need to eliminate them before taking out their boss. Unless they can find a way to separate the two parties, and quietly snipe him, undetected, from their perch.

Players have the option to take on this mission by themselves or enlisting the assistance from a partner to get the job done. Sniper Assassin mode includes a co-op feature.

Those who already have Hitman 2’s Gold Edition or the game’s season pass are going to have access to this content when it launches tomorrow immediately.

HITMAN 2 – Siberia Announcement Trailer

Agent 47’s latest long-range mission takes him to one of the harshest climates on the planet, where he must eliminate two targets and start a prison riot to cover his tracks. The map is packed full of opportunities, gameplay moments and hidden secrets to explore.