Hitman Season 1 missions will be available in Hitman 2


When Hitman returned in 2016, it was restructured to be an episodic series, missions broken up and attempted throughout the year. Critics adored it, but the inconsistent approach to content meant that not everyone kept up and enjoyed Agent 47’s global covert killing spree. With the non-episodic sequel en route, Hitman 2, IO Interactive have announced that the previous missions will be available in full for new players.

“We loved creating these and all of our Hitman Season 1 missions,” said a new video from IO Interactive, “Which is we’re happy to announce that all of these missions will be made available to be played within Hitman 2… This will define the past, present and future of Hitman.”

Throughout Season 1, Agent 47 traveled everywhere from Paris and Marrakesh to Colorado and Hokkaido. Each of these missions, including special holiday modes where you hunted the Sticky Bandits from Home Alone 2, will be returning in Hitman 2.

Not only are the missions going to be available, but they will be updated with the features, AI systems, assassination techniques and even multiplayer modes planned for the new game. For the players who did keep up with Season 1, IO Interactive promises that these new remastered missions will be available for free.

Hitman 2 comes out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 13, 2018.