Hitman studio’s James Bond game will have its own story, with possibility of trilogy

IO’s own Agent 007 will be not be based on any former Bond actors.

Image via IO Interactive

Even with its latest Hitman title freshly hitting store shelves, developer IO Interactive isn’t afraid to speak too soon on its teased Project 007. According to a new interview, the studio plans on having its own Bond character and story that could be told through multiple entries.

“We have been allowed to make our own digital Bond, which will not lean on a Bond actor,” IO’s Hakan Abrak told Danish Broadcasting Corporation. He later added that this character would be given “a completely original story” not seen or based off the films. If this remains the case, it would a far departure from what previous license-holder Activision had done with the Bond series, as each of its four published titles had starred current Bond actor Daniel Craig. And, of course, there’s the 1997 Nintendo 64 classic GoldenEye 007, which starred film actor Pierce Brosnan and was based on the film of the same name, among countless others.

As for what many are speculating, Abrak did indicate that the Bond game will borrow much from its recent Hitman storytelling format, even noting that one “could easily imagine that as a trilogy.” Most revealing, he confirmed meeting with famed Bond film producer Barbara Broccoli, claiming she was satisfied with IO Interactive taking on 007 due to its “background with the Hitman universe.”

All of this insight aside, the Bond game is likely years from a release, as IO is still actively looking for its Senior Concept Artist. At the moment, that shouldn’t be a cause of concern, considering the new IP was only announced last November in a short Project 007 teaser trailer.