Horizon Forbidden West is being review bombed over visuals, a bearded woman protagonist, and more

Users are complaining that most positive reviews are fake.

Screenshot by Gamepur

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Last week, Horizon Forbidden West was released to incredibly positive review scores from most press outlets. However, it now seems the game is the latest victim of review bombing for a wide range of reasons. Most of these seem trivial — like the game not being available on Xbox — while others are a little more concerning.

The visuals in Horizon Forbidden West, even on PS4, are incredible. Some reviews criticize specific parts of the game for graphical quality, but the consensus among the majority of players is that this is a beautiful game. A number of the negative user reviews popping up every day on Metacritic state that the game looks terrible.

Other reviews say the game is full of bugs and impossible to play. While there certainly are bugs and glitches in the title, it seems as though most can be fixed with a simple restart. The most egregious claim complains about protagonist Aloy being annoying and having a beard, the latter of which is simply untrue.

The most common complaints from these negative reviews, of which there are 963 at the time of writing, relate to pricing, difficulty, and fake high review scores. The game has a story mode difficulty setting designed for those who want an easier experience to enjoy the tales it tells, though even this may be too challenging for some.

While many of these negative reviews are likely genuine, there are certainly some that give the game 0/10 for reasons that don’t make much sense. We suggest reading through the lengthier user reviews to understand better the valid complaints being made about the game.