Sega may consider bringing the new House of the Dead arcade game to consoles


The House of the Dead series of arcade games has always been a riot to enjoy with a bunch of friends and a few drinks, if that’s your thing. They’re a lot of fun to play at home if you can’t get out to the arcade too, or if you live somewhere that doesn’t actually have anywhere to go and spend a few hours gaming.

That’s why it’s great that Sega released some of the House of the Dead arcade versions for consoles in the past, so you could have that same experience at home. 

There’s a new House of the Dead arcade cabinet coming to Japan called Scarlet Dawn, and it’s being tested in several arcades in the country right now. It uses Unreal Engine 3, and it’s a prime candidate for home console use. Luckily, it seems that Sega could be thinking about potentially bringing the game to home systems in the future. 

Thanks to a ResetEra forum member named SpeedBeatz, who was one of the first arcade-goers to test the game out, fans uncovered an interesting tidbit about the experience: a survey after the game. While there’s no confirmation that Sega is thinking of developing a home version, the consensus is that the survey could mean that one may be coming in the future. It’s possible we could be hearing something either about an as-yet unannounced product soon. 

As far as the new arcade entry goes, SpeedBeatz said that it’s largely similar to House of the Dead 4, with plenty of bad voice acting to boot. While things evolve and change all the time, it’s always good to see a constant like that, especially for a classic franchise like this one. Hopefully a console announcement is just around the corner.