How to change your campsite terrain in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp


Campsite customization is a huge part of Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, and the ultimate end goal for many of the mobile game’s players.

Nintendo added a new feature this week that ups campsite customization even more, allowing players to change the surrounding terrain. Players are now able to change the foreground, middle ground, and flooring of their campsites. But as with anything in Pocket Camp, terrain customization doesn’t come free.

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Screengrab via Nintendo

While at the campsite, players can navigate to the Arrange button and click the tree icon to open terrain customization. A camp preview will be displayed first, followed by the customization menu. The Inventory option shows what terrain options are already available for each section of the campsite. The New tab is where players can purchase more options.

Here’s what’s available.

Middle Ground

  • Flower bed, 150 Leaf Tickets
  • Holiday lights, 150 Leaf Tickets
  • Bamboo, 20,000 Bells


  • Flower bed, 150 Leaf Tickets
  • Holiday lights, 150 Leaf Tickets
  • Bamboo, 20,000 Bells

Wooden Deck

  • Blue deck, 200 wood
  • Light-brown deck, 200 wood
  • Dark-brown deck, 200 wood

An option to remove the wooden deck entirely is available for free under the Inventory tab.

After choosing custom terrain for Pocket Camp, players can view what each looks like in different seasons and lighting options by clicking either the rotating tree icon or the sunlight icon, respectively, on the right side of the screen. Hit Save at the bottom of the screen once done arranging to leave the Arrange menu and return to the newly decorated campsite.