How to get the new Super NES controller for the Nintendo Switch


Many announcements were made in last nights Nintendo Direct. Perhaps one of the most unexpected was that Super NES titles would be making their way onto the Switch for Nintendo Switch online subscribers. Not only that but the company is bringing out a wireless Super NES controller for the console.

The unfortunate news is that people can only purchase the SNES controllers with a Nintendo Switch Online subscription, same as the original NES pads. A free trial won’t get you this pad either; the subscription needs to be paid for.

When and where to get the Super NES controller for the Nintendo Switch

At the moment there is no release date – according to the Nintendo of America and Nintendo UK websites, the controller is coming soon. However, the sites do mention the price tag attached to these retro controllers $29.99 (£26.99 plus delivery in the UK.

SNES controllers

How similar is the new Super NES controller to the original pad

These new controllers look and feel just like the original ones from the nineties and are the same size. But you no longer have to be sat directly in front of the TV, these new pads are wireless meaning you can still play from the comfort of the couch. This is an improvement on the NES controllers for the Switch as those were still wired.

The pads are charged through a USB-C cable, the charger type as the Switch console. Two new buttons have been installed, the ZR and ZL buttons can be found on top of the controller next to the charging port. North America will get the two-tone pad, while the UK receives the multicolored controller.