Here’s How Xbox Game Pass Titles Are Selected


From time to time, we fill these pages with lots of new titles getting into Xbox Game Pass as part of a monthly lineup of additions. But, have you ever asked yourself how those titles are selected to get in the library of the subscription service?

Finally, Chris Charla, the boss at [email protected], has shared some more information about the process that allows titles to get included in that portfolio. And sure there’s some thought poured down into it, since, as you might have noticed on mobile platforms, it’s easy to fill a library like that with stuff people are not interested in or is just cheap.

“For us, when we look at what games to bring into game pass, we really just focus on… It has to be super fun,” Charla said at PDXCon in Berlin, which has been hosted throughout the weekend, as reported by Twinfinite. “Typically, that also means they’re highly-rated. It has to be something that we think players are going to like and adds to the mix.”

“We don’t want to have just all shooters, all platformers, or something like that. Because games always go into Game Pass and come out of Game Pass, we’re always looking to curate a really good mix so that at any time, it’s just going to be really fun.”

To see with your own eyes the fruits of this process, you can check the latest entries in the Xbox Game Pass library, which also include Fallout New Vegas from the creators of The Outer Worlds, out in a few days on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.