Monster Hunter World is getting a massive tome of a guidebook


There’s a lot to learn if you’re new to Monster Hunter, especially in the latest game to hit store shelves, Monster Hunter World. You’ve got to pick up information about how the game works, the best ways to hunt specific monsters, and how to keep yourself fighting fit.

The game’s steep learning curve isn’t for everyone, but it’s a massively rewarding experience if you push through. If you’re someone who needs to learn by reading instead of hands-on, however, a new guidebook releasing in Japan should have you covered. 

Monster Hunter World is getting a massive 1,008-page tome that’s releasing next month in Japan, with tons of information on the game. It includes essentially anything that you’d ever need to know.

There are chapters on basic game flow, Hunter action and combos for the game’s 14 weapons, hunting monsters, a list of quests, a weapon tree, armor tips and tricks, info on the adorable Felyne companions, field characteristics, and even where to find specific materials. This is a masterclass on Monster Hunter World, you see. 

The official guidebook will run 2,916 yen when it launches March 24 in Japan, but there’s been no word just yet on an English translation.

This is going to be a helpful resource, and Monster Hunter World has seen its share of popularity in the west, so it’ll likely be released in English at some point. For now, you can check it out via Amazon Japan