Humble Bundle will limit how much money is donated to charity with new options

The site will replace sliders with two donation options.

humble bundle

Image via Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has put out an official blog post that details the reasoning behind a test the company performed a month ago, in which it hid the donation slider from certain customers. That change was part of a larger test that the popular gaming charity platform will begin rolling out starting in May.

Sliders, which allowed customers purchasing Steam bundles for charity to directly control the percentage that would go to charity versus publishers, will be replaced with two new donation options: Default Donation and Extra to Charity.

As shown on the post, a $25 purchase under Default Donation would give $21.25 to the publisher, $1.25 to charity, and $2.50 to Humble Bundle itself. Extra to Charity would see that same purchase divided as $20 to the publisher, the charity receiving $3.75, and Humble Bundle getting $1.25. This means that buyers will now choose between a 5% or 15% cut to charity between the two options.

The post also notes that sliders currently aren’t visible on the bundle pages as this will help the site “understand customer behavior” as it rolls out the new update. The update also drops another quality of life change, as tiers can now be tabbed through instead of having to scroll to the bottom of the page for the highest tier option.