For Better or for Worse, New Humble Choice Service Replaces Humble Monthly Today


Humble Choice, the new service from Humble Bundle that replaces the classic Humble Monthly subscription service, begins today, allowing players to choose up to nine games, but at a higher price.

In the original Humble Monthly system, players would pay $12/month and be given a collection of around eight games to keep. Humble Choice will give players a list of 10 or so, and the player will choose nine of these to keep, at the Choice Premium price for the service is $20 per month.

At one tier lower, called Choice Basic, players will be able to keep three of the listed games, at a price of $15 per month. Both Choice Premium and Choice Basic give players access to the Humble Trove Library, a discount on the Humble Store, and a portion of their sale donated to charity.

There is one more subscription option, known as the Choice Lite option, which is $5 per month and doesn’t include keeping any games, instead allowing players access to the Humble Trove and the 10 percent discount.

Humble Choice Pricing

The first batch of games being offered on this service is headlined by Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider. To view the rest of the games available, check out the full list.

Some players have expressed concern over the apparent lack of any boost in content offered at a steeper price. The “hook” of the deal seems to be the ability to choose what you want instead of having a set collection that you may not want. Humble Bundle has also mentioned that they are committed to getting bigger and better games to offer in their service, which hopefully means newer and more AAA games for players to choose from in the future.