Humble Staff Picks Bundle Features BioShock Infinite Deal


The holidays may be over, but a new Humble Bundle is just getting started. The Humble Staff Picks Bundle is back, and this time, Humble Bundle’s Scribble is offering deals on Punch Club, BioShock Infinite, and more.

The Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Scribble focuses on highlights from Humble Bundle’s titular designer, Scribble, who is portrayed as a “crayon dog” that makes the “company letterhead.” That’s right, a real crayon dog. Her picks include $102 worth in games for $12 or loss, spread across genres. Here’s what her Humble Staff Picks Bundle is offering:

$1 or more

  • Tempest
  • LiEat
  • Punch Club

Beat the average

  • Argami
  • Beholder
  • BioShock Infinite

$12 or more for unlock

  • Shenzhen I/O
  • $2 Humble Wallet (Humble Monthly subscribers only)

As always, Scribble’s Humble Staff Picks Bundle won’t last forever. The deals end Tuesday, Jan. 16. So if you’re interested in grabbing BioShock Infinite, Punch Club, LiEat, or any other games on discount, it’s best to buy the Humble Staff Picks Bundle: Scribble sooner over later.

H/T PCGamer