Hundreds of DSiWare games reappear on Nintendo eShop after unexpected delistings

Old titles make a welcome return to the Nintendo eShop.

Nintendo 3DS eShop

Image via Nintendo

According to Delisted Games, a website that keeps track of games removed from digital storefronts, nearly every previously delisted DSiWare game title has reappeared back in the Nintendo eShop, which affects the Nintendo DSi and 3DS handheld consoles.

This report comes in light of news at the beginning of the new year of roughly 250 of 448 DSiWare games disappearing from the Nintendo eShop, with no explanation from Nintendo of America regarding the move. Understandably, this sparked concern from the community, with players giving the heads-up to fellow DS and 3DS users.

At the initial time of this fiasco, the delisting had appeared only to affect the North America Nintendo eShop, with Europe and Japan seeming unaffected by the removal. However, on January 7, some of the titles began to return back to the North American eShop. Fast forward to the present day, and only five out of the 250 titles that had initially disappeared are still missing. At this rate, one could assume the remaining handful of delisted games may be back in the eShop in no time.

Meanwhile, 3DS users in South and Central America have been unable to access the DSi and 3DS eShop since July of 2020.

Still, there has been no update directly from Nintendo of America regarding this situation, as speculation from the community continues to circulate. Nevertheless, the return of most of these games is a welcome sight for DS and 3DS users alike.