IGN Mocks Xbox One Over The Lack Of Exclusives, Then Apologizes

Xbox’s lack of exclusives in comparison with PlayStation 4 is something everyone is aware of now, but that doesn’t mean social media and websites have stopped having fun about it.

During the last few hours, celebrating the launch of PS4 exclusive action adventure title God of War, IGN’s social media team has posted over Twitter and Instagram a photo comparing the game on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

IGN Joins Xbox One vs PS4 Console War

Of course, Xbox One’s side is totally black, considering that the latest entry in the Santa Monica Studio series is only available on PS4. That’s a pretty common and often inoffensive joke, to be honest.

Anyway, IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey, senior editor, felt the urgency to tweet an apology to the Xbox team and ask his social media manager to remove the image, as he felt it was offensive for the guys working at Microsoft.

“I would like to sincerely apologize to the Xbox team as well as the Xbox community on behalf of the @IGN editorial team”, he said, we don’t know if pushed by Xbox or out of sincere disappointment about the post.

Aaron Greenberg, GM, Games Marketing at Microsoft followed up to thank McCaffrey on Twitter, saying he had appreciated the quick apology and remove of the content.

God of War is out today for PS4. The next exclusive from Microsoft for Xbox One and Windows 10 is State of Decay 2, dropping in May, while Sea of Thieves has been available exactly for a month today.

IGN Mocks Xbox Exclusive vs God of War (2018) via Instagram Post