Bullet hell classic Ikaruga could be coming to PlayStation 4 soon


Treasure’s cult classic bullet hell title Ikaruga could be making its way to PlayStation 4, if a German listing for the game, spotted by news website Gematsu, is to be believed.

Originally released on the Dreamcast back in 2002, the game leapt to the GameCube in 2003 before becoming available on the Xbox Live Arcade for Xbox 360 in 2008. Its latest iteration was the PC version that released via Steam in 2014. That’s about as advanced as it got, with Ikaruga never making it to PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One. 

If a listing on German video game ratings board USK is correct, it means the game will finally get a wider release on PlayStation 4. A new generation of players could have the chance to enjoy the game soon, though Treasure hasn’t offered any comment on whether or not it’s actually happening. 

Ikaruga is the spiritual sequel to Radiant Silvergun and follows a rebel pilot name Shinra who flies the titular fighter ship called Ikaruga. To fight off oncoming enemies, you need to use the Ikaruga to swap between both black and white polarities. Oncoming enemies range from black to white, where you’ll absorb the bullets that are the same color as you and you’ll be damaged by the opposite color. It’s important to keep swapping between colors or you’ll never make it through the minefield of bullets hurled your way. 

Hopefully we’ll hear something of an official announcement following the listing’s appearance. Either that or we’ll be able to look forward to some sort of Treasure collection, which would be the best thing to come of this news.