Indie Dev Worried About PlayStation 5 Lack of Clarity


Over the last few hours, we’ve witnessed a massive amount of information about PlayStation 5, which has seen Sony spilling the very first beans about the next-gen console in public after it skipped E3 2019 in June.

We’re used to a certain degree of secrecy when it comes to video games, but perhaps this time around things are doing a further step in a different direction, with a platform owner recurring to a blog post instead of a mediatic event to reveal so much important stuff.

This approach is somehow worrying a bit people in the industry, as shared by an anonymous indie developer in a report from GamesIndustry International, where he claimed that the lack of details shared with third-party developers is unusually stressing the business.

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The article reads that “one indie developer expressed fears that PlayStation ‘has stopped caring about indies'” as “there’s so much we don’t know about what Sony is planning next. What are its third-party priorities? Is VR still a thing for it? Is PlayStation Now as significant to them as Game Pass is for Xbox?”

So, it’s quite obvious that Sony is keeping stuff under wraps following the unwritten law that when you are in a dominant position on the market, the less you say, the better. But this is having some cons, as you can see, with developers not under the umbrella of the more prominent publishers a bit disappointed in not having been involved in the process yet.

Hopefully, this process will get in motion as soon as the full reveal of PlayStation 5 happens, which should be slated at some point next year ahead of the release during the holidays.