Take a peek at Indivisible’s opening from Studio Trigger and Titmouse

Indivisible, the upcoming action-RPG from Lab Zero Games, has graced us with a sneak peek at its opening animation. Studio Trigger, the minds responsible behind the excellent anime series Kill la Kill and the upcoming Promare, worked together in conjunction with Venture Bros. creator Studio Titmouse to craft the gorgeous sequence.

The vibrant clip isn’t very long, but we’re introduced to Indivisible‘s inviting world as well as its lead character Ajna, making her way through the forest and stands. She seems determined, practicing her magical spells in the middle of a woodsy area before things ramp up. Merely a teaser, the video cuts out before we get to the good stuff. 

The upcoming platforming-RPG-hybrid adventure follows the young Ajna as she sets off on a journey around the world to get to the root of the source of her powers. It’s an anime-inspired treat for the eyes that draws from titles like Valkyrie Profile and southeast Asian mythology, with the signature 2D hand-drawn artwork from Lab Zero Games’ staff. It’s even attracted composer Hiroki Kikuta of Secret of Mana fame to contribute the game’s score. 

Lab Zero Games is best known for its work on Skullgirls, a cult fighting game that stood out from the crowd with fluid animation and tight combos. This role-playing game looks to adopt much of the same visual cues from that quirky brawling game. It’s not set for release until sometime in 2019, but it’ll be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.