Spider-man Dev Insomniac Releases Launch Trailer for New IP Stormland


Insomniac Games, the studio behind Playstation hits like Marvel’s Spider-man and the Ratchet & Clank games, today released a launch trailer for its newest title, Stormland, set to release Nov. 14 exclusively for Occulus platforms.

The new trailer shows a discarded android describing how others, faraway, determined its planet’s future. At the same time, others, known as Temptest, arrived at its world to claim it as theirs. Now, it’s up to players to reclaim the planet.

Insomniac first announced Stormland back in June 2018 with an announcement trailer, and later shared a video about the game’s world in June 2019. Insomniac has been creating videos called Mission Logs leading up to the game’s release, which you can check out on the game’s official website. These detail multiple game mechanics, such as how to travel, how to scan for resources and useful materials, and the game’s different approaches to combat.

Players have the option to take a more stealthy approach to how they defeat the Tempest forces, or proceed with a frontal assault with grenades and rapid-fire pistols. There are also co-op features, so friends can jump in to reclaim the planet together.

Insomniac is also preparing weekly challenges to assist in mixing up the gameplay. Those who take part in itwill discover these challenges in new strongholds, caves, and ruins. Completing a challenge unlocks a new upgrade to augment the android’s capabilities.