Into the Breach Receives Launch Trailer, Lands Feb. 27


FTL: Faster Than Light creator Subset Games has a new indie strategy title coming out this week, Into the Breach. And to celebrate the game’s launch, the studio has released a new trailer.

Into the Breach puts the player in control of mechs from the future tasked with destroying gigantic aliens, called the Vek, that have invaded Earth. Players command mechs and other vehicles, going head-to-head against the alien invaders while protecting Earth’s remaining island nations. Check out the trailer below for some in-game footage.

While Into the Breach has been compared to Firaxis’ XCOM reboot series, the game differs in several important ways. Combat is particularly short, with a focus on rapid engagements and completing mission objectives than drawn out battles. And during combat, players see enemy aliens’ movements telegraphed for their next turn, letting them position their mechs in order to gain a strategic advantage. This means mechs can push Vek units toward each other before they attack, forcing an alien to attack another alien.

Into the Breach also features time travel. If a player loses all of their mechs, a surviving pilot can be jettisoned into the future in an attempt to save another timeline from the Vek. This means players can hold onto a pilot and repeatedly level them up throughout time. Or alternatively, a veteran pilot may be lost, requiring the players to build up a new pilot’s abilities.

Into the Breach launches tomorrow, Feb. 27, for PC. For more information, check out the game’s official webpage.