inXile’s Brian Fargo Comments On Microsoft Studios Acquisition

When Microsoft completes a buyout, there’s always a good share of disappointment because of the danger of beloved studios losing their identities.

While this doesn’t look the case anymore under Phil Spencer, it looks like inXile Entertainment‘s supporters feel like that danger is still here.

Brian Fargo himself took the stage on Twitter in order to make a statement about what people think after the X018 reveal.

“I can understand the natural skepticism of seeing small companies bought, we’ve all seen some subsequently dismantled after,” he said.

“Our deal with Microsoft allows InXile to grow and dream like never before. This is a wonderful thing for our future.”

Further commenting on a tweet shared by a follower, Fargo, who’s been working on the original Fallout series back in the days, hinted at the creative freedom he’ll still be empowered with.

“I truly feel fortunate to be able to continue on with my team creating new worlds, telling new stories and writing interesting characters.”

inXile's Brian Fargo Comments Microsoft Studios Acquisition

Time will tell whether this partnership was a good one for both inXile and all the players who’ve been in love with their games, and ultimately Xbox.