Is PlayStation Productions Making A Twisted Metal TV Series?

It seems like we may know PlayStation Production’s first TV show. If reports on the internet are to believe then a Twisted Metal TV show is on its way to the small screen?

Sony surprised fans when they announced PlayStation Productions, a new division that is all about turning PlayStation IP into movies and TV shows. With so many IPs, like God of War and Uncharted, it was difficult to pinpoint which IP Sony will turn into a movie or TV show first.

We may have gotten our answer in the form of a Q&A session at Sony’s 2019 investor relations meeting. Sony Pictures Entertainment Chairman Tony Vinciquerra namedropped a Twisted Metal TV show when detailing their upcoming slate of movies and shows.

Currently, Twisted Metal is the only named property that has been mentioned for PlayStation Productions. There has been a discussion of an Uncharted movie for years, with a lead even been cast, but not much has come from it yet.

PlayStation Production is reported to be working on a whole slate of projects. If a Twisted Metal TV show is really under the works, it won’t certainly be the only one.

Twisted Metal is certainly an inspired choice. It is a video game series that centers on competitors trying to murder each other with outrageous vehicles. The game series is known for its mature content and graphic visuals. The mascot of Twisted Metal is a serial killer dressed as a clown and lights his head on fire.

Twisted Metal Trailer

The demented Twisted Metal tournament breaks through onto PS3 and it’s every man for himself! Check out Sweet Tooths creepy return to the vehicular battleground in this trailer.

The Twisted Metal franchise has been dormant since the 2012 reboot on the PlayStation 3. Sweet Tooth, the serial killer clown, did make an appearance in PlayStation All-Stars though.

Will the TV series follow the original games’ gritty and violent roots, or will it go in its directions? Only time will tell. And what other PlayStation IP can we expect? Will Crash Bandicoot and God War follow suit?