Is This a Resident Evil 3 Remake Teaser?

Is This a Resident Evil 3 Remake Teaser?

Capcom might have dropped a Resident Evil 3 Remake teaser on the official Facebook page of the franchise.

The teaser is an image that features most of the famous characters, both good and evil, in the series. It has somewhat as part of Capcom’s effort to build some momentum for Resident Evil franchise sale on Steam.

You can check out the teaser image below, it features all the characters from Resident Evil games available on Steam, but some of them – like Claire or even Nemesis – are from Resident Evil 3. And Resident Evil 3 is not available on Steam at all.

Resident Evil 3 Remake Teaser

So, while it could merely be some artwork celebrating the entire saga and not merely the games that you can currently purchase on Steam, it’s a bit weird that the game has been included in the post when nothing is on the horizon for Resident Evil 3.

Rumors have been somewhat active lately about a possible remake for the beloved third title in the Resident Evil franchise. Some of them even suggested that it could be revealed at The Game Awards in December and launch in 2020, just one year after Resident Evil 2‘s remake.

Resident Evil 2‘s reception has been positive among fans of the IP and critics. The game managed to achieve a 91/100 Metascore on PS4 and a Game of the Year nomination at the aforementioned The Game Awards.