Japanese Publishers To Be Briefed About Xbox “Future Plans” This Week


Phil Spencer has just dropped one of his Twitter-based teasers for what’s to come about Xbox, as he’ll be embarking on a journey very soon.

As he shared on the social network, indeed, he’ll be in Japan and Korea to meet several publishers and developers.

These meetings will be functional to the preparation of the Xbox E3 2019 media briefing, where there’ll be the usual series of foreign games.

On top of that, Spencer will also be briefing those partners about the “future plans” the gaming division at Microsoft has in store for the next couple hours.

“Looking forward to the week in Korea and Japan visiting studios and publishers,” he told his followers on Twitter.

“Always inspired by the great games these studios are delivering. Talking about E3 and getting input on future plans is always fun.”

So, it’s interesting that these talks won’t stop at the E3 2019, which is in June, but will also cover “future plans.”

Xbox has in store a next-gen console family, which should span across two different platforms, and the streaming platform Project xCloud, so definitely Spencer will have a lot to talk with his partners over in Asia.