Star Was Jedi: Fallen Order’s Droid Companion BD-1 Helped Define The Main Protagonist


There’s a bit more to the droid we see in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, who accompanies the main character, Cal Kestis. From the trailers we’ve seen during EA Play and Microsoft, the little droid rides on Kestis’ back, assisting him in combat by providing him with health packs, slicing terminals, and being a friend to the young Jedi who’s attempting to live in a galaxy ruled by the Empire. The developers behind the game provide us with more information about how the droid does more than help Kestis. The droid is meant to be the main character’s counterpart.

Stig Asmussen from Respawn Entertainment spoke with IGN to provide additional details about how Kestis and BD-1 interact with one another. Initially, the droid was meant to be a minor component in the game. He was intended to act as nothing more than something trivial, and provide a little humor. However, as development went on, BD-1 turned into a brand new character for Respawn to work with and gave further depth to Kestis throughout his journey.

β€œHe started as kind of a sidekick, and I think once we got him stood up in the game, and we started seeing the kind of interaction, and how it was playing out, he threw into something that was like, ‘No. He’s a legit counterpart for Cal. We shouldn’t make him this little buddy or anything like that,’” Asmussen said to IGN. “Cal was planned initially to be kind of very soft-spoken, kind of young, Clint Eastwood type character, who doesn’t say a whole lot, and when he does, better listen, it’s essential.

“But BD changed all that. BD is a real chatterbox. Since BD is a chatterbox, Cal’s got to answer all the questions. He has to play off of what BD is saying, so the player understands what BD is talking about. BD has turned into something that I don’t know that we expected at first. I like to keep things in terms of what’s on paper very light, so we focus on gameplay, but we have just enough so that the team can sink in deeper and start figuring out what the gameplay is. There was maybe a paragraph on BD and Cal’s relationship, and it’s blossomed since then.”

While BD-1 was meant to show up through the entire game, he grew on not only the developers by Kestis himself. The two were able to build off one another, and despite players not being able to understand the droid’s dialect, the two characters are going to have plenty of interactions with another as they traverse the galaxy, dealing with the Empire and attempting to assist the Rebellion.

Here’s the most recent gameplay footage we saw at Microsoft’s press conference earlier today during E3 2019. Hopefully, we see more of these interactions before the game releases later this year on November 15. For those who are interested, you can pre-order Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at this location.

Source: IGN