Jeff Kaplan Hints at Possible Changes to Baptiste


Overwatch’s Baptiste, a support hero, has been dividing opinion within the community since he was released in March 2019. His mixed reception is partly due to his Immortality Field ability, which he can throw out and will prevent teammates within the Field from dying.

Aside from some minor changes to cooldown times, Baptiste’s abilities have remained almost untouched since he was added to the game. And, although his Immortality Field has one of the most extended cooldown times out of any ability in Overwatch, it is still incredibly frustrating to be up against and remains a topic of heated debate within the community.

However, according to a Reddit comment by Game Director Jeff Kaplan, the development team is “trying out some changes to Immortality Field to make it less oppressive.”

Kaplan’s comment could mean that the ability will be changed completely, instead of just getting an extended cooldown time, as in previous updates. It’s one of the most divisive abilities to ever hit Overwatch, and it’s the first to guarantee that heroes will stay alive during a fight (as long as an enemy doesn’t destroy your Immortality Field, of course).

Regardless of whether it is a few changes or a complete overhaul, players will be able to try it out when it hits the Public Test Region. There is no telling when the update will be released, but fans can be sure that when it’s finished, it’ll be on the PTR as soon as possible.