Journey to the Savage Planet ‘Hot Garbage’ expansion announced

Journey’s first DLC pack rockets into view.

Journey to the Savage Planet Hot Garbage DLC expansion

Image via Epic Games Store

Journey to the Savage Planet‘s first DLC pack has been announced — and it’s set to land sooner than you think.

Publisher 505 Games, alongside developer Typhoon Studios, revealed that the title’s first expansion, Hot Garbage, will be available to buy and download on April 15.

Hot Garbage will take players to a whole new world and explore the mysterious goings-on from Kindred Aerospace’s chief rival Vyper Corporation. Tasked with discovering why Vyper Corp. are dumping their toxic waste on Kindred’s space resort planet DL-C1, players will investigate spikes in pollution levels, meet new fauna, and report back their findings to Kindred HQ. Gamers will also encounter a new sarcastic A.I. companion Kronus, who will humorously berate those for every task they complete or mission they fail.

Journey to the Savage Planet fans will be able to unlock new upgrades for the gear they acquired in the main game. Exploring underwater using your newly acquired lead boots gear, a specialized suit to traverse toxic areas, and an unlimited stamina upgrade are just three of the abilities and new gear available to try.

The Hot Garbage expansion announcement comes hot on the heels of Journey to the Savage Planet‘s reveal as a new Xbox Game Pass title. Subscribers will be able to play Typhoon’s sci-fi adventure game on Thursday, Apr. 9, ahead of the DLC landing under a week later.

Hot Garbage will cost $9.99 (£7.99) and can be bought from the Xbox One store or Epic Games store if you’re playing on PC. PlayStation 4 owners, however, will have to wait for the expansion to land on Sony’s console.