Just Cause 4 Motion Blur Patch Incoming

Just Cause 4 is off a troubled launch on all platforms, and in particular users have noted that there’s an issue with the motion blur.

Publisher Square Enix has looked at the matter and has admitted it exists, so it’s going to further investigate it and fix it soon.

Specifically, there’s a patch inbound and it’s releasing “later this month,” according to the Square Enix Support team in North America.

So, Avalanche Studios is indeed working on this problem that many users have encountered and reported to both the devs and Square Enix.

I’ve been played the game for a while ahead of the launch and honestly haven’t met it very much, aside for what matters the airplane, which has this weird motion blur effect always on that even doesn’t let you look at the vehicle when moving.

I don’t know if your issue is the same but my guess it’s a bit more complicated, as a lot of people are even complaining that “later this month” is too late.

What’s your experience thus far? Until the patch releases, in the meantime, you can watch a video we’ve posted about the downgrade the game has reportedly had in comparison with Just Cause 3.

Just Cause 4 Motion Blur Patch Incoming