Just Cause 4 Pops Up On Xbox Game Pass

Kinda out of nowhere, Just Cause 4 has popped up on the Xbox Game Pass portfolio and is now available for subscribers to download.

The news is quite surprising if you consider that the game has only launched in late December and is a triple-A title.

As such, as it usually happens, it was thought that publisher Square Enix would’ve wanted to monetize a bit further on the sales before introducing it to the service.

Anyway, apparently, these things are getting faster and faster, so we could be expecting even more titles to come sooner to the pass than anticipated.

Curiously enough, Xbox Game Pass’ Twitter account had shared a teaser that a game announcement would be coming on March 7.

This is happening a day earlier than that deadline, but also a few hours after another teaser that made it quite clear that a Just Cause game was dropping to the service.

Only a few weeks ago, it is worth noting, Just Cause 3 had come to the platform, so the series is not new to it.

Via Reddit