Gran Turismo 7 Confirmed by Kazunori Yamauchi, Work On It Already Started


When Gran Turismo Sport was closing its launch date in 2017, the game designer Kazunori Yamauchi was asked if he had plans for a sequel of Gran Turismo Sport or another title which will be a follow up of GT series, at that moment he had denied having any current plans. However, things are different now as in an interview with Game Watch, Yamauchi talked about their current titles’ future support and an upcoming Gran Turismo game – possibly Gran Turismo 7.

Gran Turismo 7

When asked about it he said, “I cannot talk about anything yet, but since the moment releasing GT [Sport], I have started making the next GT”. Though much is not known about the game, in fact, nothing is known, the major thing at present is that another Gran Turismo game has been confirmed officially by the Yamauchi himself. He did not say anything that the game will be GT 7 or a continuation of GT Sport, however, he did hint that the upcoming game might have motorbikes in it.

And upon being asked about another Tourist Trophy: The Real Riding Simulator game, he said that at the moment there is nothing confirmed, but that he is aware of the fans’ wishes for it to happen.

Source – Game Watch