Make history with Kerbal Space Program’s first expansion


Kerbal Space Program, one of the cutest space sims of all time, is getting its first bit of DLC next month. Itching to get back into space with spacecrafts of your own creation? Ready to take those little Kerbals on the ride of their lives? You’ll want to get in on this. 

The aptly-named Kerbal Space Program: Making History Expansion will bring a special Mission Builder for players to make and share their own scenarios with others. There’s also the History Pack, which comes with missions based on significant moments in space travel and exploration throughout history. 

The Mission Builder will let players include landings, launches, explosions, and the various other aspects of a normal scenario for the Kerbals. You can them release them to the community to have your friends try to complete the objectives you’ve set out for them. The History Pack, on the other hand, follows everything from man’s first steps on the moon to some unfortunate crash landings in the history of our space program with some Kerbal-related surprises. 

The new expansion will be available for PC players on March 13, though there’s yet to be any announcement for console versions of the game just yet. It looks like a very cute and full-featured add-on, so if you’ve exhausted the space missions available to you already, you’ll definitely want to hop on board for this one. Just be ready to be patient—it’s not a game for everyone.