King K Rool is joining Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


The king of the crocs has finally been announced for Smash Bros. Ultimate— King K. Rool is here.

Hailing from the Donkey Kong Country series, King K. Rool has been one of the game’s most requested characters. He was a surprise reveal shown off during today’s Nintendo Direct at the end of the show.

Nintendo had already revealed Simon Belmont, alongside Dark Samus and Chrom, before showing off the K. Rool. His reveal brought the character lineup to 67 total fighters, more than the 66 they initially promised.

King K. Rool came on board after a somewhat teasing montage of Smash Bros. heroes fighting their nemesis. Mario and Bowser. Star Fox, Falco and Wolf. Metroid’s Samus and the newly added Ridley. Cutting to Donkey Kong’s tree house, King Dedede teases the simians before being knocked out by the pirate gator himself. King K. Rool’s attacks, with cannonballs, boomerang crowns, and an island-blasting laser ship, draw inspiration from the various Donkey Kong Country games.

He isn’t expected to be the last character reveal, however. Nintendo mentioned at the end of the direct that more would be revealed up until the game’s release on Dec. 7, but these are likely to be more Echo Fighters over brand new character.

All these new characters will also be getting themselves an amiibo figure as well. We’ve seen Ridley, Inkling, and Wolf’s amiibo, with a release date of Dec.7, but the rest of the returning and new characters are all getting their own interactive figure sometime in the future.